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We thought you would like to know that Familyrelatives.com is one of the fastest growing Family History websites for amateur genealogists and professional family historians alike where 750 million records are available to search.

At £30 for a 12 month subscription Familyrelatives.com is also one of the most cost effective ways of researching you family history. Why not have a look at what you can search:
Dictionary of National Biography on Familyrelatives.com

The Dictionary of National Biography with Volumes 1-21 has over 30,000 names in the collection. Assembled by hundreds of contributors the dictionary is a collection of biographies of prominent figures from Britain and Ireland. The Biography records date back over 15 centuries with the earliest records date from the early Middle Ages through to the 19th century. (c.500 - 1895 A.D.)

The collection includes many illustrious figures including royal Kings and Queens, landed gentry, artists, writers, poets, historians, politicians, leaders, military figures and warriors, inventors, men of the church and the like. Amongst the biographies are well known figures of history such as the legendary King Aelfred King of the West Saxons, Samuel Pepys, Thomas a Becket, Oliver Cromwell and William Shakespeare are among the many names included in the collection.

The names appear alphabetically and are a rich resource of historical importance of the men and women who shaped the history of Britain.

 Oliver Cromwell Familyrelatives.com

Search the records by Surname and Forename and view original images. Use the "Next" page or "Previous" page above the image to Browse the images.

The records are free to search but to view the original images requires you to have a Subscription.

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Who's Who in Sport in 1935 on Familyrelatives.com

Search the Who's Who in Sport for sportsmen and sportswomen in your family tree. This is a remarkable reference work and permanent record of sportsmen and women during the interwar years. An Authoritative Reference Guide to Sport and Sportsmen published in 1935

"The first edition of Who's Who in Sport is intended to fill a long vacant place in the sporting world. Here are the biographies of several thousand leading sportsmen and full details and records of the forty-eight principal games and sports. Who's Who in Sport aims to constitute a comprehensive and authoritative work of reference." From Angling to Athletics, Boxing to Bridge, Chess to Cycling, Fencing to Football; Rugby, League and Association, Golf, Gymnastics, Hockey, Hunting, Lacrosse, Tennis, Motor Boat; Cycle and Racing, Racing, Rowing, Shooting, Skating, Skiing, Squash, Swimming, Wrestling and Yachting are some of the sports included. The Who's Who includes thousands of names of English, Welsh, Scottish, Australian, South African, USA and New Zealand, many references to Record scores, Results, an Encyclopedia of Sports and Games, History of the Game, Sports Obituaries and Sports Bodies are among the many contents of the publication.

 Cricketer Familyrelatives.com

It features the biographies of sportsmen and women in 1935 which include well known names such as Donald George Bradman was born on August 27th 1908 and became the greatest cricketer of all time. The biographies in the main include the Surname, forename(s), year and place of birth, address, clubs, records and games played.

The records are free to search but to view the original images requires you to have a Subscription.

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Who's Who in the Theatre on Familyrelatives.com

Who's who in the Theatre a Biographical record of the contemporary stage, from the "Who's Who in the Theatre" published in 1935.

"For nearly 300 years it has been stated that, periodically, that the Theatre is dying. The grand old invalid is hale and hearty. The life of the theatre is reflected in the present issue" claims the Preface.

The Who's Who includes thousands of names both English and American, an Index to London playbills, notable productions and revival of the London Stage, Shakespeare at the Old Vic, List of London Theatres, A Theatrical and Musical Obituary, A Roll of Honour for those actors, musicians, writers and workers for the stage who gave their lives during the First World War (1914-1918) are among the many contents of the publication.

It features the biographies of actors living in 1936 which include well known names such as Charles Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks, Errol Flynn and Spencer Tracy to name a few.

Who's Who Collection for Counties

Search thousands of names on Familyrelatives.com in the Who's Who collection. The Who's Who collection is a reference work on prominent and noted individuals of that time generally containing precise biographical information and includes among many artists, engineers, military men, politicians, sportsmen and the like.

The records in the main include the Surname, forename(s), titles and private address. Year and place of birth and fathers name. Marriage information includes year, spouses name and fathers surname. Education, Club, society and academic Membership details are included. This differs for the Theatre and Sport Who's Who.

In some instances the age, war service and useful dates are included as well as British order of chivalry, qualifications, accomplishments, appointments and recreational interests.

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