About Family Relatives

Familyrelatives.com offers online access to over 1 billion records. Records are either fully searchable or browseable in addition and where available we provide the images to the records.

We have been working in partnership with leading information technology companies to bring technology and history together. Our aim is to provide greater access to the wealth of genealogical information for the large number of people who do not have the advantage of being able to travel to a records facility or library that may hold the relevant information. Also by providing the images of transcribed data, we intend to provide you with the pedigree that is always so important therefore we have focused on obtaining the images from official sources.

By providing genealogical information on the World Wide Web it is our aim to make it easier and more economic. In charging a reasonably modest amount to rapidly search the transcribed pages and the images genealogists both professional and amateur, will be encouraged to use our service.

Familyrelatives.com is a website dedicated to better serving the world of genealogy, launched in 2005 and the first website to provide 350 million GRO Births, Marriages and Deaths Indexes fully transcribed. Familyrelatives.com has been adding millions of records and innovative features ever since.

Our aim is to bring together both genealogy and technology without compromising quality or the excitement associated with family research.

Over time we hope to bring you further information and enhanced access to original documentation to assist you in your research. In addition we have worked to bring relevant information online from notable publishers which will enhance your research.

Should you wish to contact us please use the website form provided. Alternatively you can write to us at the following address:


Treequest Limited

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