How to use the website?

If you would like to learn how to maximise your enjoyment of the website please take the website tour. When you have taken the website tour you will need to register before being able to use the website. Once you are registered you can browse the website and if you want to search and view the records you will need to select a subscription or the number of units you wish to purchase.

Steps to access the records;

  • Register or login
  • Subscribe or purchase units
  • Go to the main Search page which contains ALL the record sets in our collection
  • Select the Country, Category and Database you wish to search
  • Enter details on the selected search page
  • View Search results page

    Also View the Information page and see the Site Tour and User Guides


New sharing and collaboration features allow you to maximise your time on the site.

The new tools at your disposal allow you to enter information regarding people you are researching as well as friends.

  • Set up your own Profile
  • Create groups of Friends
  • Match and share your research with other users
  • The system matches you automatically to others researching the same ancestors - it does this accurately and securely
  • Once you have an exact match you can get in touch
  • Add comments to official records for other's to see
  • Comment on each others submissions
  • Save your research
  • Create your Homepage
  • Sell an item in the Classifieds
  • Make an Announcement
  • Upload a photo to your Photo gallery