Change Personal Details

Its easy to change your personal details e.g: password, email address, personal details including address, telephone number.

Simply Login (with your registered email address) go to My Account on the menu bar and then select one of the following:

Membership Details Menu


To Change Personal Details simply:


1.  Login

2.  Go to My Account

3.  From the list above select an option

4.  Update My Details can be used to change personal details

Update Details

5.  Change Email Address

Change Email Address

6.  Change Password

Change Password


Note: Should "If Other Click here" not appear select another Country momentarily and then return to your Country of choice.

Should you need to Update your details when making a payment follow the above steps amd this will automatically change your details on the payment pages.


Email security settings
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Many of the hosted emails such as AOL, BT, HOTMAIL, NTL (ISPs) have set up systems to prevent SPAM emails getting through. Many of these SPAM filters as they are known, will block emails that are either automatically generated by another computer or emails that you have deleted and named as SPAM.

In order to ensure that you receive our emails you should ensure that your filter is not blocking our emails alternatively please check with your ISP provider.