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Pigot's Trade Directories 27 Counties
The Pigot's Directories are a unique collection of 27 Counties with invaluable occupational information for the 1830's going back as far as the time of William IV

The Pigot's Directories currently cover the period from 1830 to 1839 before the official Civil Registration began and are a valuable source of additional information when researching your ancestors. All major professions, nobility, gentry, clergy, trades and occupations including taverns and public houses and much more are listed. There are even timetables of the coaches and carriers that served a town.

Parishes are listed for each area with useful information including the number of inhabitants, a geographical description and the main trades and industries of the area or town.

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The collection provides a fascinating insight into the towns of a county and occupations of the townsfolk. The collection can be searched by name or occupation or can be easily browsed by page.  

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A useful resource for anyone wanting to know more about the area where their ancestors lived and worked.

Entries include the trade, name and address.

Search for major professions, nobility, gentry, clergy, trades and occupations, taverns and public houses and much more. See the trades list below


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Pigot's Directories online

Bedfordshire 1839 Cambridgeshire 1830 Derbyshire 1835
Durham 1834 Essex 1839 Herefordshire 1835
Hertfordshire 1839 Huntingdonshire 1830 Kent 1839
Leicestershire 1835 Lincolnshire 1835 London 1839
Middlesex 1839 Monmouthshire 1835 Norfolk 1839
North Wales 1835 Northumberland 1828 Nottinghamshire 1835
Rutlandshire 1835 Shropshire 1835 South Wales 1835
Staffordshire 1835 Suffolk 1830 Surrey 1839
Sussex 1839 Warwickshire 1835 Worcestershire 1835

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Search for those long forgotten trades from Cowkeepers to Woolstaplers.

The collection is fully searchable and can be searched by name or occupation or each county may be easily browsed by page. This is a useful resource for anyone wanting to know more about the area where their ancestors lived and worked and is available to members with a subscription. (See table for counties available).

An extract from the Warwickshire Directory 1835

Birmingham, one of the most celebrated manufacturing towns in the United Kingdom. The earliest authentic notice of this place occurs in Domesday-book, in which it is called Bermengeham...

Birmingham is not attractive for venerable ruins or grand cathedrals; but the traveller who delights in seeing the human race profitably employed, to their own and their country's advantage, will disregard the smoke which sometimes envelopes the town.

Soon after the revolution in 1688 the manufacture of fire-arms was introduced and continued to flourish until the close of the late war, the government contracts for muskets alone generally averaged 30,000 thousand per month... the gun makers were authorised to erect a proof-house, in which under a heavy penalty all gun and pistol barrels are subjected to a powerful proof.

Prior to the year 1715 Birmingham comprised only one parish and for civil registration purposes it is still so considered but at that period a portion of the original parish of St. Martin, consisting of a district in the centre of town, was formed into the parish of St. Philip and in 1829 two other districts were formed into the parishes of St. George and St. Thomas.

Birmingham which must be taken to include the parishes of Aston and Edgbaston, contained 73,670 inhabitants and in 1831, 146,986.

A typical entry then lists the following;

British Wine Makers

Hill, Evans & Williams, 7 Foregate St.
Williams James, North parade

Brush Makers & Dealers

Malvern John (dealer) College St.
Martin Benjamin (dealer) Sidbury
Pemberton Isaac, 15 Broad St
Smith John, 41 High St.


Search for the following trades and occupations

1800's Directories include the following information

Trades & Professional Directory
Nobility, gentry and clergy
Academies & Schools
Agricultural implement maker
Auctioneers & Appraisers
Basket & Sieve Makers
Bookseller, Stationer, Bookbinder, printer and paper hanger
Boot & Shoe makers
Brick & Tile makers
Bricklayers, slaters & Plasterers
Brush makers
Cabinet makers & Upholsterers
Carvers & Gilders
Cattle dealers & Graziers
China & Glass Dealers
Chemists & Druggists
Clothes Dealers
Corn Merchants
Corn Millers
Curriers & Leather cutters
Fancy Bazaar
Fire & Office Agents
Furniture Brokers
Game Dealers
Grocers & Tea Dealers
Hairdressers & Perfumers
Inns & Hotels
Iron & Brass Founders
Iron Merchant
Joiners & Carpenters
Lace Manufacturers & Dealers
Lime Burners
Linen & Woollen Drapers & Silk Mercers
Milliners & Dress makers
Music Sellers
Nursery & Seedsmen
Paper hangers
Pipe makers - Tobacco
Plumbers, Painters & Glaziers
Professors & Teachers of Music
Registrars & Deputies of Births & Deaths
Rope & Twine makers
Saddlers & Harness makers
Shopkeepers & Dealers in Groceries & Sundries
Silversmiths & Jewellers
Stay Makers
Stone & Marble Mason
Stone Merchants
Straw Hat makers
Tallow Chandlers
Taverns & Public Houses
Retailers of Beer
Tea Dealers
Timber Merchants
Toy Dealers
Watch & Clock Hand Makers
Watch & Clock Makers
Whitesmiths & Bell hangers
Wine & Spirit Merchants
Farmer & Grazier
Brazier & Tin plate worker
Lace dealer
Rope makers
Vet surgeon
Registrars of Births, Deaths
Savings Bank
Breeches maker
Union Workhouse
Basket & Sieve maker
Coaches Timetable
Carriers Timetable

The larger towns and manufacturing cities like Birmingham will also include the following trades;
Curry-comb makers
Cut glass manufacturers
Diamond and Precious Stone dealers
Die Forgers
Die Sinkers
Die Turner
Dog collar Makers
Dress Makers
Earthenware dealers
Eating-house Keepers
Emery, Glass & Sand Paper makers
Engine Turners
Engravers & Copperplate Printers
Engravers & Letter Cutters
Engravers - seal
Feather Merchants
Fender Makers
Fetter Makers
File Makers
Filligree Workers
Fire Irons and Fire Brasses
Fire-Work Makers
Fish Hook Makers
Fishing Tackle, Rod Makers
Flour Dealers
French Platers
Fringe, Lace Manufacturers
Frying Pan Makers
Gambadge Manufacturers
Gardeners & Seedsmen
Gas Apparatus Manufacturers
Gilt Toy Makers
Gun Makers
Gun & Sportsman's Implement Manufacturers
Gun Barrel Filers and Smoothers
Gun Barrel Makers
Gun Barrel Ribbers
Gun Breech Forgers
Gun Engravers
Gun Finishers
Gun Flint Dealers
Gun Furniture Polishers
Gun Lock & Furniture Forgers & Filers
Gun Stock Makers
Gun Stockers
Gunpowder Flask & Shot Charger Manufacturers
Haberdashers & Dealers in Smallwares
Hair Seating Manufacturers
Hame & Chain Makers
Hammer Makers
Hardwaremen & Dealers in Jewellery & Fancy Goods
Hat manufacturers & Dealers
Hay, Straw & Horse Corn Dealers
Hide & Leather Factors
Hinge makers
Hook & Eye Makers
Hop Merchants
Hot-house & Horticultural Building Constructors - Metallic & Copper sash Manufacturers
Inkstand Makers
Irish Linen Importers
Iron & Steel Merchants
Iron Founders
Iron Manufacturers of Sundry Articles
Iron Plate Workers
Italian Iron Makers
Ivory & Bone Toy Manufacturers
Ivory & Hard Wood Dealers
Jack Makers
Japaned leather Manufacturers
Jewellers - Manufacturers
Jewellery Case Makers
Jewellery Stampers
Lamp & Lantern Manufacturers
Land Agents
Last & Boot Tree Makers
Latch Makers
Lathe, Stamp, Press & Die manufacturers
Law Stationers
Lead & Glass Merchants
Leather Cutters & Grindery Warehouses
Leather Dressers
List Shoe makers
Livery Stable keepers
Lock Manufacturers
Locksmiths & Bell hangers
Looking Glass manufacturers
Machine makers
Machine Rulers
Malt-mill Makers
Mangle Makers
Marine Assurance Company
Mathematical Instrument makers
Medallists & Manufacturers of medals
Metal Dealers
Metal Rollers
Military ornament Manufacturers
Mill makers
Miniature Frame makers
Mould makers
Mouse Trap maker
Music & Musical Instrument Sellers
Nail manufacturers & Wholesale dealers
Picture Frame makers
Pill, Jewellers & Paper box makers
Pin Makers
Pistol makers
Plane makers
Plaster of Paris Manufacturers
Plated metal manufacturers
Platers & Manufacturers of Plated articles of steel
Platers - French
Pocket Book Makers
Portable Desk Makers
Porter Merchants
Printers' Ink Merchants
Printers - Letters press
Printers - Lithographic
Provision Dealers
Pump Makers
Quill & Pen Dressers
Rag dealers
Refiners & Smelters
Ring Makers
Roman cement makers & Dealers
Rule Makers
Saddle-tree makers
Saddlers' Iron mongers
Sand Paper Makers
Saw Makers
Saw Mills
Scale Beam Makers
Screw Makers
Shoe-heel tip Makers
Shoe-latch makers
Snuffer Makers
Soap Boilers
Solder makers
Spade & shovel Manufacturers
Spectacle case makers
Spectacle makers
Spring Makers
Spur Makers
Stampers & Piercers
Starch Manufacturers
Steam Engine Makers & Engineers
Steel Dealers
Steel Pen Manufacturers
Steel Toy Manufacturers
Steel Trap Makers
Stirrup & Bit Makers
Stove Grate Manufacturers
Straw & Leghorn hat makers & dealers
Surveyors - Land
Sword Cutlers
Sword Hilt makers
Sword Scabbard Makers
Tarpaulin makers
Tea & Coffee Dealers
Tea & Coffee Pot Handle Makers
Tea Urn Makers
Thimble makers
Tobacco Box makers
Tobacco Pipe makers
Tobacconists & Snuff Dealers
Tool Brokers
Tool Chest makers
Tool Makers
Tortoise & Turtle Shell, Ivory, box case & caddy makers
Toy Makers
Trunk Makers
Truss Makers
Tube Makers - Brass & Copper
Turners in Wood
Turners in Ivory & Bone
Umbrella & Parasol Furniture Manufacturers
Umbrella & Parasol Makers
Umbrella Stick Makers
Varnish Makers
Vice Makers
Watch Chain Guard and fancy Chain Makers
Watch Glass Makers
Watch Pendent Makers
Water Gilders
Weavers' Mail Makers
Weighing Machine Makers
Weight makers - Foreign and English
Whip-cord makers
Whip-mount makers
Whip-thong makers
Window Blind Manufacturers
Window Glass cutters & dealers
Wire manufacturers & drawers
Wire Workers
Wood screw makers
Wood turners
Woollen Drapers
Worsted Manufacturers & Dealers

As well as
Public Buildings, Offices, Institutions & c.



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