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My Family Tree Family Tree - FREE to use - My Family Tree User Guide

Research, find, create and build your Family Tree on 

The new family tree is currently a Beta version, refinements to the family tree will take place on an ongoing basis. If you have any comments regarding the tree please submit these by using the suggestions box.

Instructions and User guide on how to use the family tree will follow soon.

Start My Family Tree Family Tree is FREE to use and no purchase is necessary is looking at ways of improving the My Family tree feature online, we welcome your feedback if you have ideas that may help us improve the your family tree please let us know and we will try if possible to incorporate these.

How to Edit my Tree 

In the typical My Tree view go to the individual and select edit and make your changes.


Alternatively by selecting that individual a profile window opens which you can also edit.


To remove an individual select X on the lower right of the box.



My Family Tree

Beta Version

New Website in Beta

Why Beta? Well because we think that we can always improve, from the quality and range of the historical records to your experience and interaction on our website with our emphasis on ease of use and lower cost.

We have many changes to come on over the next few months from Calendar’s to Photo Albums, to Family Tree software, to Family & Friend inclusion and we would love your feedback and interaction.