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Quick Start Announcements


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How to Create an Announcement - For Free 

Creating an announcement is quick, easy, fun and it's free. It allows you to make your mark in history such as adding a Birth, Marriage or Death, or promoting a Reunion , Talks and much more. The wonderful aspect of the announcement is that you can also share the information you create with others or just allow family and friends to see or keep it private's up to you.

The only two pre-requisite to creating an announcement are that you must be a registered member (which is free) and you must have set up a Profile (which is also free).

-> Step 1 - Starting an Announcement

Go to My Account (found on the top menu bar) and select Announcements as shown.

Step 2 - Adding an Announcement

Complete the following page - entering as much or as little information as you wish. Also remember that you can add a photograph (as long as it is smaller than 250 Kb)

Step 3 - Viewing an Announcement

View your announcement by selecting View My Announcements which can be found in the Search Announcement or Add Announcement page in the right hand column

Step 4 - An example of an Announcement is shown below



Beta Version

New Website in Beta

Why Beta? Well because we think that we can always improve, from the quality and range of the historical records to your experience and interaction on our website with our emphasis on ease of use and lower cost.

We have many changes to come on over the next few months from Calendar’s to Photo Albums, to Family Tree software, to Family & Friend inclusion and we would love your feedback and interaction.