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Bean Family Tree From Kent UK

Brief Description:

I am endevouring to trace this family of "BEAN" mainly from Kent  UK.

I live in NSW Australia and my Father was born in Folkstone, Kent in 1904, he was never one to talk much about UK as he sailed with his Mother and 4 siblings to Australia in 1910 , so I guess there were not too many memories of Kent at that stage in his life. His Father sailed out 6 months prior to them arriving to gain work and a residence.


Family Description:

There seems to be a great many "Beans" in Canada & USA , even in Australia, I am convinced that we from Kent are connected to most of those families albiet a long way down the "tree" due to the repetitive use of certain christian names that I find in our tree, it's too much of a coincidence not to arouse curiosity as to the actual "twigs " that belong to this family from Kent.

Due to the loss of some records from long ago it may be that we never  actually join those twigs to the correct branches but I hope to live long enough to give it my best shot !! and I therefore beg for the help of anyone who may be able to throw some light on this family to please be in touch, I have a great deal so far some scant records back to 1700, but again I can't connect them to "families" .

I don't think this line was of any great noteriety , just hard working , perhaps even peasants , I do know that my G.Grandfather/G.Mother rented Eastlingdown Farm from the Earl of Guilford , she lived there until she died in 1930 , I do believe that my G.G.Grandparents also lived at this farm prior to my G.Grandparents taking over, apparently this was the case in those days.



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LAST UPDATED: February 8, 2009

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29 Apr 2009
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