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Woodford and Clarke Family Tree

Brief Description:

A History of The Woodford and Clarke Families


Genealogy is like tossing a pebble into a pond and watching the ripples expanding but not knowing how far or where they will travel.

When I started tracing my family tree 5 years ago I thought to myself this isnt going to take long. How wrong I was! It has become an obsession and spend almost every day doing some kind of research. In 5 years it has grown from a handful of relations to over a thousand direct and distant ancestors.

This site is dedicated to the Woodford and Clarke families. All the information has been gathered from various sources:

  • Recollections and records of immediate family
  • Original sources such as census records, or B.M.D certificates
  • Published family trees of other individuals and members of Genes Reunite.

Thank you to every one who have been pestered with emails and phone calls asking Do you remember who or what or when? and also many contacts from Genes Reunite, without whose help I could not have progressed as far as I have.

I have tried to include some information about the places and occupations related to these ancestors. I have also included a photo gallery with photos out of the Clarke and Woodford family albums.

During this research I have learned a lot about the hard lives they endured and poverty during the Victorian times. If this research ever gets completed it will be a living legacy to my family and future generations.

Family Description:
This tree includes over 1000 ancestors of the Woodford and Clarke Family and include places like Penzance, Leicester, Coventry, Tillingham and Bethnel Green.

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LAST UPDATED:   February 4, 2009

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