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Whitaker's Naval and Military Directory 1898
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An alphabetical list of Commissioned Officers on the Active List of both services together with many of those retired with all ascertainable particulars concerning them, a list of the ships of the navy and of the Regiments etc of the Army, with an historical introduction.

Search for the name, rank, station, age, and war services of Officers on the Active List of the Navy, Army, and Royal Marines.

In the Army List will be found the various Regiments and other units of the service, with their officers, and the principal staff officers of the several commands at home and abroad; militia and volunteer battalions & c., are included, with their respective commanding officers and adjutants.

In the Navy List all the ships of the Navy, with particulars of the date of their completion, number of guns, speed, tonnage, horsepower and complement, with a list of officers serving upon each, a list of Flag officers on the Active List, with their squadrons in cases where a command is held, and the staffs of the different departments.

The records of commissioned officers of the Royal Navy dating back 163 years have been published online for the first time by are the most comprehensive online collection of Royal Navy Lists from 1847 to 1945. More than 2 million names are included in the Lists which date from the mid - 19th Century (or the Eleventh Period in Navy History) when Britain was involved in a number of conflicts.

The Royal Navy has played a central role in Britain's history for centuries. It is the oldest of Her Majesty's Armed Forces and is the Senior of the three Services. Founded by Henry VIII a professional and national naval force was in existence when
King Charles II came to the throne in 1660.  At the time he inherited a huge fleet of 154 ships and it was the beginning of the Royal Navy as we know it today.



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