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“Pigot & Co.’s New Commercial Directory of Scotland for 1825 – 1826

Containing comprehensive and accurate Directories of Edinburgh, Glasgow and every other Town, Sea-Port, & Village in the Kingdom; To which is Pre-fixed, Separate Historical and Descriptive Sketches, each of which has been written, revised, and authenticated on the spot, exclusively for this work.”

“The names of Merchants, Manufacturers, and Traders in Edinburgh, Glasgow and all the other Towns, are scientifically classed and arranged under each distinct head of trade or designation, and a full Alphabetical list is annexed where the names in Towns are so numerous as to require a reference – the Lists of the Coaches, Carriers and Water Conveyances are copious and complete  - and the names of the Nobility, Gentry, and Clergy, in the Cities, Towns, and Villages in Scotland are exclusively arranged in Alphabetical order, to refer more speedily to any name when the place of residence is not known.”

The description for Scotland notes among many interesting historical facts, “The population according to the census of 1821 was 2,093,456, so that there are nearly 71 inhabitants to each square mile”, in under 200 years the population has more than doubled. It is estimated that the density of population in Scotland today is 5,222,100 with nearly 171 inhabitants per square mile. 19th Century Trade records Newsletter

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