Case Study 2 - Michael Parkinson

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hen you think of chat shows, you think of Michael Parkinson. His name has become a byword for the genre, and the list of guests who have appeared opposite the genial host is stellar. From Hollywood movers and shakers to Prime Ministers, everyone who's anyone queues up to talk shop. His shows have brought us many golden memories, such as his interview with Mohammed Ali where he barely managed to get a word in, or the unforgettable assault by the late Rod Hull and his sidekick Emu. Yet who's there to ask the questions of the host himself? The Family Detective has taken a look at his roots, and reveals some interesting talking points concerning his background.


Who is Michael Parkinson related to?


Case Study 1 - Sean Connery - James Bond

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hen people mention the character James Bond, you tend to imagine the face of the actor you saw play the role when you were growing up. Yet for most people, the James Bond is Sean Connery, who defined the role between1962 and 1971, and reprised the role one last time in 1983 in the aptly titled Never Say Never Again. With his lilting Scottish accent he brought style and sophistication to the role, as well as a large dash of charm. To date, his film career spans nearly half a century, from his acting debut in Lilacs in the Spring in 1955, for which he was uncredited. Yet closer examination of his background makes his rise to the top of the film industry even more remarkable given his somewhat humble origins. And, as one of Scotland's greatest sons, there's a surprise lurking deep within the family tree.


Nick Barratt Sticks Research Agency

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Sticks Research Agency at the Family History Show 2008 - we are also  delighted to welcome Dr Nick Barratt and his team to the stand, Nick and his team have a wealth of family history knowledge and invaluable problem solving research skills. Dr Nick Barratt and Sticks Research Agency will be hosting a Questions and Answers session on the stand throughout the three days. Visitors should book early a one-to-one session and visit the stand No.432 on the day. Who do you think you are? LIVE Family History Show 2008

Sticks Research Agency (SRA) were the genealogical research team behind such series as;

  • The Triple BAFTA nominated BBC - Who Do You Think You Are? (BBC)