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New and exclusive to - The most recent additions to our ever expanding collection are the School registers to over 250,000 pupils and masters dating back to 1500

The list is comprised of major schools which are among the oldest of independent educational establishments in the United Kingdom, such as Sherborne School which was founded in 710 and re-founded in 1550 by Edward VI. The young King, a keen reformer, took an interest in establishing a system of grammar schools through endowments providing free education for the talented poor. The charitable concept of education for scholars of limited means gradually changed over the centuries to that of education for gentlemen entering the military, church and professions.

It became a part of the structure to instill service to the Crown and Empire and provide future rulers for the nation and administrators for the Empire. Although with many detractors, the excellent all-round education provided by the British Public School system is envied by other countries and has been successfully exported across the world.

Ernest Shackleton

Ernest Shackleton (1874-1922)
Antarctic Explorer

Schackleton was of Anglo-Irish decent and best known for his Endurance expedition of 1914-1916 to Antarctica.

Born on 15 February 1874 in County Kildare, Ireland, Shackleton was one of 10 children who went on to become along with Captain Scott one of the greatest explorers the world has ever known. He was educated at Dulwich College where he didn’t particularly excel. Interestingly his younger brother Francis Richard Shackleton who is also listed in the records was accused of stealing what was known as the “The Irish Crown Jewels”.

Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill
Prime Minister (1940-1945) & (1951-1955)

Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was born on 30 November 1874. He was a politician and wartime prime minister who led Britain to victory in World War Two. Churchill was Prime minister twice, both in 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955.

He was Educated at Harrow from 17 April 1888, where his military career began. Within weeks of his arrival, he had joined the Harrow Rifle Corps. He earned high marks in English and History and was also the school's fencing champion and Sandhurst.

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