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The Name Game

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Nominative determinism - the name game

"Nominative determinism is a comparatively recent term for the theory that a person's name can have a significant role in determining key aspects of their job, profession or even character. It was a commonly held notion in the ancient world." source wikipedia

The concept of nominative determinism although relatively new in name has been around for hundreds of years. If you are looking for a name to research or for a child's first name, has over 750 million names to choose from. But have a look at some of the first names and surnames we have found below in the GRO indexes. If you have found a name that should be listed please let us know.


- 70th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor

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70th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor remembers those who lost their lives at Pearl Harbor.

[IMAGE-1] December the 7th 2011 marks the 70th anniversary of the "Day of Infamy" when Japanese Imperial forces launched an unprovoked attack on the United States Naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii causing the biggest single loss in US maritime history.

"At dawn on Sunday December 7, 1941, more than half the United States Pacific Fleet, approximately 150 vessels and service craft, lay at anchor or alongside piers in Pearl Harbor. All but one of the Pacific fleet's battleships were in port that morning, most of them moored to quays flanking Ford Island.     By 10:00 a.m., the tranquil Sunday calm had been shattered. Twenty-one vessels lay sunk or damaged, the fighting backbone of the fleet apparently broken. Smoke from burning planes and hangars filled the sky, while oil from sinking ships clogged the harbor. Death was everywhere."


Hall of Fame

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Hall of Fame Hall of Fame for Births using the General Register Office Birth indexes we have tracked down the births of well known celebrity names.

Here is an example of the information you will find in the BMD indexes, by searching for Christian Bale the famous Hollywood actor enter his details in the search page his entry appears in the second quarter.

The following will usually appear, the year, the quarter, the name of the child - surname and forenames (and initial for third forename) the mother’s maiden name, the district and volume and page number of the reference required for ordering a birth certificate.


Events - Courses & Talks

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The Heritage Family History e-Course:

Researching Your Family History

In this new e-course Celia Heritage will guide you through the pitfalls of tracing your family tree and give you tips to overcome any problems, while also taking a detailed look at the records and resources you will need in order to help you get the most from them. This in-depth course is aimed at those who are really serious about their family history and wish to learn all they can about the records they are using and develop a sound research technique to ensure they are tracing the correct family every step of the way. It also highlights the ways in which you can find out all you can about your ancestors rather than having just a list of names and dates.



2011 November 20,000,000 Military Records

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fallen with 20 Million Records

Armistice Day also known as Remembrance Day is on November 11 and commemorates the armistice signed between the Allied Forces and Germany for the cessation of hostilities on the western Front which took place at eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918.

It was said at the time that World War I was the war to end all wars, sadly every decade of the 20th century has seen conflicts since.


New Early 19th Century Records Added

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How are Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde and the Regent Bridge connected? adds Scottish Trade Directories dating back 185 years.
Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

Who's Who & National Biography Newsletter

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 Who's Who & National Biography collection February 2011 Newsletter
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We thought you would like to know that is one of the fastest growing Family History websites for amateur genealogists and professional family historians alike where 750 million records are available to search.

At £30 for a 12 month subscription is also one of the most cost effective ways of researching you family history. Why not have a look at what you can search:

BerkshireParish Registers

BerkshireParish Registers, Volume 1

BerkshireParish Registers, Volume 1. These registers contain the Marriage records from the following parishes: Wantage 1538-1837, West Woodhay 1653-1812

Edited by: W.P.W. Phillimore, M.A., B.C.L.
Issued to the Subscribers by Phillimore & Co., 124 Chancery Lane

BerkshireParish Registers, Volume 2

BerkshireParish Registers, Volume 2. These registers contain the Marriage records from the following parishes: Bradfield 1559-1812, Buscot 1676-1812, Harwell 1559-1837, Kingston Lisle 1560-1837, Purley 1662-1837, Sparsholt 1559-1812, Sulham 1723-1836, West Hanney 1561-1837, 


Buckinghamshire (9 vols)

Buckinghamshire Parish Registers, Volume 1

Buckinghamshire Parish Registers, Volume 1. These registers contain the Marriage records from the following parishes: Cheddington 1552-1812, Cholesbury 1576-1810, Edlesborough 1568-1812, Hawridge 1600-1812, Masworth 1591-1812, Mentmore 1575-1812, Pitstone 1576-1812, Slapton 1653-1812, Soulbury 1575-1812