Society, Library, Record Centres - Setting up a Home Page

To set up a Society Home Page it is very quick and it very easy.

Simply follow the 4easy steps shown below:

1. Register as normal using your Society Email Address

2. Set up a Profile in My Account - using your society or library as the Profile name.

3. Go to Browse or Search Society on the menu bar and select Create a Society Home Page and complete the form - will confirm that you are a society or library and will set your account accordingly. will then send you a confirmation email to state that your account has been set to Society, Library or Record Centre

4. All you need to do now is in My Account select Add Home Page - fill out the fields and build your home page, the page will appear immediately. That's it.

You will only be able to access Create a Society Home Page once you have logged in and created a profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to set up a Home Page on

No. It is very straightforward and you require no technical experience and takes very little time to set up. Simply register as normal on using your society email address and complete the form.

Why would I want to add a Home Page? has a rapidly expanding website and thousands of new registered users a week. This is a perfect opportunity for Family History Societies, Libraries and Record Centres to promote themselves to a community that is growing every day.

What can I do on the Home Page?

You can add your Societies/Libraries name, address, website, an image as well as the type of records you store, the expertise you are able to offer and much more. Thereby users can check out your website before visiting and for new people to discover where you are and what you offer.

What does it cost?

Nothing - and we mean nothing. believes in promoting Family History Societies, Libraries and Record Centre for free. It is important to recognise our heritage and to promote those who are willing to help, nurture and educate others by providing a gateway for those to share their invaluable knowledge.

Can I edit or update my home page?

Yes, you can change, edit or update your homepage at any time simply login go to My Homepage in My Account make the necessary changes and then Save. 

Features and benefits of My Homepage -
reach a wider audience

1.    Create your own homepage for FREE
2.    Add a description to your homepage
3.    Add your interests
4.    Make announcements
5.    Upload Photos of family, friends & interests
6.    Add links of your favourite sites
7.    Choose a web page layout
8.    Unique website address
9.    Enables members to contact you and send you a message
10.  Easy to update, change and Edit.