How much does the website cost to use?

For the latest subscription and pay-per-view pricing please see the pricing page which provides details of the site charges.  Cost of records - Image and Search results

You may purchase a subscription or units using a credit or debit card. We currently accept credit cards including Visa, Mastercard and Visa Electron, Solo, Maestro and JCB debit cards. Currently we do not accept American Express.

Credit debit cards accepted on

Problems with processing your payment? 

How to resolve payment queries should the following messages appear;

"Billing County is too long (25 characters permitted), received 26 characters".

Your registration details are used when processing a payment if the registration information entered in certain fields is too long, the system is unable to process your payment.

For example the billing county for the "State of Western Australia" needs to be shorter or abbreviated to "WA" or "Western Australia"

To change any of the registration details;
   · login and go to My Account
   · select Update My Details - in the top right column
   · in the State/County field enter WA (for State of Western Australia)
   · select Save & Update
  · go to the Subscribe page, select and make your payment


CPI Error on the purchase page

A CPI error may occur when the payment page is temporarily offline, this is caused by the increased number of transactions being processed on the Barclaycard servers.

Occasionally viewed web pages can become corrupted and stored in your cache (the PC virtual memory) any subsequent use of these files will cause the error to re-occur. Please try the website again and open a new web browser, if the same message appears press the refresh button to load a fresh page - as the previous error page may load from cache (Virtual memory) - you can change your settings in your browser settings to checking for newer pages of stored pages which will resolve this problem.

· In Internet Explorer 6
· Go to Tools
· Internet Options
· Select General tab
· In Temporary Internet files Select Settings
· Check for newer versions of stored pages and select Automatically


Purchase declined
Please make sure the CVC Card Security Code has been entered, these are the last three digits on the back of your Credit Debit card printed over the top of the signature strip.


I am unable to purchase a Subscription?
This is due to having purchased Units previously and these are still active, when you have run out of Units or they are close to expiring the Annual Subscription and Pay-per-View Units options will appear on the Subscribe page. The Membership Options - Subscription page provides details of your current Membership (i.e. Annual Subscription or Pay-per-View Units) as does as the MyAccount page.


What is the balance of my Units?
To find out the balance of your Unit usage on the site, login go to MyAccount and view your Account Balance. Click here for Cost of records - Image and Search results


Unable to make a purchase
If you are unable to purchase or receive an error message you may have to register your card for online purchases with Visa or Mastercard
Cardholder check - Verified by Visa and Mastercard® SecureCodeTM schemes

Please make sure that you have registered your card for online purchases. Verified by Visa & Mastercard SecureCode passwords have been introduced to further safeguard payments over the internet.

Please see the following links for further information;

Please note the login password is not the same as the Verified by Visa and Mastercard® SecureCodeTM password. If you are concerned about this please contact your bank or check your card issuer's web site for further information about credit card security.


Does automatically renew my subscription ?
No, do not operate any type of "Automatic renewal" subscriptions on credit or debit cards, payments are for one off purchases and for the duration stated of the item purchased i.e. Purchasing £6 of 60 units valid for 90 days or Annual Subscription is for 12 months - from the date of purchase. After that time your subscription expires and it is entirely up to you if you wish to re-new your subscription.

Although you may purchase within one month of your existing subscription or units expiring to ensure continued access to the records or to extend the balance of your units prior to expiry.

For details of your existing subscription, login and go to the Subscribe page on the menu bar.   The "Purchase options" will appear one month prior to your Subscription or Units expiring.

I am told to subscribe when I click on an image yet I have subscribed?


Is the website secure? is a secure website and the security of all our users is taken very seriously as well as every precaution to ensure that it is safe to use our website which is why we use the latest technology. In addition all Credit Card transactions are processed securely through Barclaycard Bank Merchant Services using Secure Socket Layers (SSL) with 128 bit encryption without the intervention of any third party. The payment will be processed through a secure server at Barclays Bank Merchant Services.

You will notice that when you enter the payment pages the http (in your browser address bar) changes to https which means these pages are on secure servers.

To learn more about Barclaycard business services we have provided the following link:

On the homepage you will see a Verisign secure symbol which means that the site can secure private information.


Purchase or billing queries
Please provide the Invoice date and invoice number when raising billing queries.

If you are unable to purchase Contact Us