Browsing GRO Overseas Records 1761-1994 for FREE

The Overseas Records are available online for FREE where you can browse the images. The First Name on the page and the Last Name on the page have been transcribed. Therefore the name you are searching may appear between the two.

Select Search on the menu then select the FREE records tab. Then select a dataset you wish to browse.

Select the Data Type from the pull down menu then select the Event - certain databases will load automatically - next select the Year you wish to view. The default is All.

Next select the letter of the Surname you wish to view. A table will open with the Surname range of the letter selected. The records are arranged in alphabetical order.

The surname range is the first transcribed surname and the last transcribed surname on the image. The name you are looking for may appear between the two names and click "view" for the image. 

For example if we are looking for Hamish A. Morton in Deaths between 1947 and 1965. Select the GRO Air Deaths, then the years this will load the data.

Select M on the alphabet menu bar and there is 1 result page with the letter M. Morton will be found between Mitchell and Pye click on view image to verify this information and locate Hamish A. Morton's name.



 If some pages are blank or the name does not appear try the previous or next letter.

View entries either side of the letter you are researching as many supplementary entries or "Interlinings" were added at later date as can be seen by the numbering and handwritten entries .


 Not sure where to look - Select "All Data Types" - results for Surname and Year may not appear in order as results cover 
 Births, Marriages and Deaths  for multiple datasets

To Browse Overseas Records:

Go to the Search page on the menu and select the FREE records tab
Select a dataset

Select Data Type i.e. GRO Air Deaths
Select Event i.e. Death
Select Years
Select Letter of Surname
Locate the surname between First and Last Surname
View Image and verify surname

If some pages are blank try the previous or next letter as some indexing requires further sorting.


Start Searching Overseas Indexes

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A typical example of an Overseas Index Image

Overseas Image 1


Overseas Image 2