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The following messages may appear:

Error has occurred - Incomplete search field
A search field may have been completed incorrectly or omitted, please check that relevant fields have been completed correctly.


Error has occurred - Incorrect use of the Wildcard
A wild card search can be used in any of the fields using a minimum of one character plus the wildcard except the Surname field where a minimum of two characters plus the wildcard are required e.g. An%. However this would produce many search results, although for example searching for Anth% (Anthony) would be more productive and accurate. Please note the "wildcard" symbol is % and not *.


Session Timeout
The website will automatically close or time out your user session after a period of 20 minutes of inactivity.

Accessing a post login page or link will cause a Session Timeout to occur if you have not logged in first. Please make sure that you have logged in to the website first to activate your user session.

Session Timeout & unable to login, purchase or search?
If you are trying to login to the website, purchase units and search and the Session Timeout message appears you may need to adjust your browser settings. is a secure site and requires Browser cookies to login, purchase units and search, please make sure your browser cookies are enabled. Please see the Browser settings page for further information.

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