Photo Instructions is a great way to upload, store and share photos securely with family and friends. It’s quick, its easy and only takes a minute.

Click on Photos in the top Menu bar and an easy to use wizard appears.

1.         Click on Create Album

Start an Album

2.         Enter an Album Name

3.         Enter a description (which is optional)

4.         Note there is a pull down Album Visible to which allows you to share the album – but we come to that later

5.         Click on Save and Update and you have created your first album

Create New Album

 6.         On the left hand side you can see the Album Name, and the number of photos in the album. In this case there are none at present

Upload Photos

7.         So we go ahead and upload some photos from your computer although if you have photos on Facebook you can easily import your photos from there

8.         Click on Upload new Photos in the menu

Select Photos You want to Upload

9.         In 3 easy steps you can upload your photos

            Step 1 – Select the Album into which you want to upload photos

            Step 2 – Select the photos you want to upload

            Step 3 – Click Start and watch the progress bars as the photos upload


Some photos will take slightly longer than others to upload because of their size

Upload Progress Bar Will Show


10.        You will see two progress bars. The top one shows the progress of the photo currently being uploaded. The bottom progress bar shows overall progress

11.        Once the bottom one reaches 100% press Continue

12.        You can see now that we are back to the familiar page

13.        Click on the Album on the left to view thumbnail of the images (in the photo album)

View thumbnails of the Images you have uploaded

From here you can click and give your photos a title or even edit a title

Give the Photo a title

You can move photos around from one album to another by simply selecting the photos (click just under the thumbnail) you want to move and dragging and dropping them into the album of your choice.

You can copy photos to another album by simply selecting (click just under the thumbnail) the photos you want to copy - Select Options Menu and in the pull down you will see copy to another Album.

You can also set a photo to be the cover for your album.

Select a photo & drag & drop or select and copy

14.        You will also see that you can Edit an album or Delete one by selecting this function.

Edit and Album

For example if you chose to share your Album you cand do this in two ways.

1) You can email them the album or 2) You can share the album in your profile with Family & Friends. The difference is that if you share an album in your Profile they can take advantage of all the other great features on Familyrelatives such as the calendar, family tree, comment on photos, tag people and so much more.

For option 1 - Simply select the photos you want to email - select Share Photos from the Options menu 

Share a photo or an album by emailing it

Then the following pop-up appears and you can enter the intended recipient.

Email photos - you can also share an album

Option 2 - you share an album with who you want securely. You do this by simply setting the permission either when creating an album or you can edit an album permission

Setting permission

The album will appear automatically in your Profile to those people with whom you have shared

Album is only viewable with the people that you have share it with


15.        You also have the standard elements of any Album – for example here on the top right you can see the pagination and the number of pages you have.

 16.        You can also sort your photos by common elements like Newest, Olders, Title, First and Last. So its very easy to use.

17.        Now click on a thumbnail and it opens the photo with a useful thumbnail bar at the bottom which allows you to quickly scroll or jump to the photo you want.

18.        Here on the right you have photo details which when you click it show information about your photo. All the usual items like Title, date, where, and categories.

19.        Also it allows people with whom you have shared your album to participate and comment on your photos.

Show Details of the Photos

20         You can hide the comments again by simply clicking on the same blue details – it’s a toggle

21.        You can then tag friends and family by clicking Add tag and then drawing around the area you want to tag.

Tag a person

If you already have family and friends in their name will appear automatically and you can select them. If not just add a new name.

22         The tag then appears below the photo

23.        and also on the left hand under People in the Album which helps you see who and how often they are in the current album and just below it in all albums.

Number of People tagged in Albums

24.        If you want to search photos you can click on Search photos and search by date, keyword, region etc which are all useful features.