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Subscription v Units (What's Included?)

Subscription or Pay Per View

Depending on what you are looking for, Subscription undoubtedly provides better value for money but compare the records available for yourself

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Please respect Copyright & Intellectual Property

All content on the website and available through its services, including but not limited to images, graphics, text, data, applications, software, designs, material content as well as general information, are the proprietary property of, its users and / or its licensors with all rights reserved. 

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Minimum Site Requirements

In order to use the website we recommend that your computer's minimum system requirements should be:

 - Windows 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP or later
 - 20 MB available hard disk space
 - 64 MB of RAM
 - Internet Explorer 5.5 or later
 - Mozilla 1.7 or later-based browser
 - Mouse or other pointing device
 - Flash 11 or later

Should the webpages not render or appear completely we recommend you use the latest Internet Browser version available

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Links to other Websites

You may include links to other websites in My profile. To ensure that these sites are suitable for all, please see the guidelines below - any links to websites which break these guidelines will be removed and may not be resubmitted. will not be responsible for the content of external websites.


We are happy for our members to link to websites provided they meet our guidelines. We reserve the right to remove a link if we become aware that it is broken or it is unsuitable, offensive, unlawful, causes legal or safety issues or is of a commercial nature.

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Beta Version

New Website in Beta

Why Beta? Well because we think that we can always improve, from the quality and range of the historical records to your experience and interaction on our website with our emphasis on ease of use and lower cost.

We have many changes to come on over the next few months from Calendar’s to Photo Albums, to Family Tree software, to Family & Friend inclusion and we would love your feedback and interaction.