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House Rules

Rules and Guidelines

These rules and guidelines are issued in addition to the website Terms and Conditions for the guidance of all users. All messages and comments added to the records, classifieds, announcements, homepage entries, photo gallery, My Account, My Profile, are subject to the following regulations;


The house rules exist to provide an environment that is both safe and enjoyable for members.

Messages will be removed if they are likely to cause offence to other members, are illegal and cause legal problems or reveal personal details that may endanger personal safety.

You agree to use the website in accordance with these rules.

Your messages, comments and contributions must be civil and tasteful, constructive, helpful and please be patient and polite.

Your messages, comments and contributions must not be disruptive, unlawful, vulgar, obscene, offensive, abusive, threatening, harassing, defamatory, pornographic or misleading.

Profane language, sexually oriented, racially offensive or abusive material is not permitted.

Do not add comments with the intention of causing trouble and being mean spirited.

Do not add comments containing languages other than English.

Do not add comments that are off-topic, this includes spam or spamming, adverts or advertising, specific website addresses / URLs.

Do not use multiple logins for the purpose of disrupting comments and annoying other users.

Do not impersonate someone else.

Do not start or contribute to online "flame wars".

Do not use any inappropriate vulgar or offensive usernames or profile names.

Inappropriate messages or comments or anyone that does not comply with these rules should be reported to the moderator but please do not misuse the "report to moderator" facility. The moderator reserves the right to remove any comment without providing an explanation.


Safety rules

We recommend that you do not reveal any personal information about yourself or anyone else, for example; telephone or mobile number, home or email address. To contact members, use the messaging system available in MyAccount.


What should I add as a comment?

We suggest that you add dates, where the individual was born, parent's names including mother's maiden name, where they lived, occupation, age and date of death and in which district.


Please note that whilst My Account page is in Beta test the following applies

Maximum number of words that can be added or sent

Add / View Friends 250

Send Messages 250

Received Messages 250

Add Birth, Death, Marriages, Add Census, Military 250

Number of Records allowed in My Research 250


Beta Version

New Website in Beta

Why Beta? Well because we think that we can always improve, from the quality and range of the historical records to your experience and interaction on our website with our emphasis on ease of use and lower cost.

We have many changes to come on over the next few months from Calendar’s to Photo Albums, to Family Tree software, to Family & Friend inclusion and we would love your feedback and interaction.