Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs 

How do I change my email address or personal account details?
You may change your personal details should the need arise by login in to your account (with your registered email address) goto My Account on the menu bar and select one of the links to change your password, email address, personal details including address, telephone number etc. Please make the required changes on the form and press save & update, the system will automatically update your account.More Info


I have forgotten my Password?
If you are unable to login with your current password or have forgotten your password click on "Forgotten password" enter your registered email address and a new Forgotten password email with a link will be sent to you to login.

Once you have requested a new password, an email with a link will be sent to you via email. The link will take you to a new Password page enter a New password of your choice and confirm the new password.

The forgotten Password link is not active?
The forgotten Password link is an HTML link and currently you may only be receiving emails as a text file, please check your email settings and allow messages in HTML. If you are still unable to open the link please contact us.


Can I use the Familyrelatives.com website and login on any computer from home or at work.

Yes you can use the Familyrelatives.com website and login on any computer from home or at work.

However there are some changes you need to make to the Browser Privacy settings on any system you are using. Check Browser Privacy settings here



What is the balance of my Units?
To find out the balance of your Unit usage on the site, login go to MyAccount and view your Account Balance. Click here for Cost of records - Image and Search results


I need to Login every few minutes
Familyrelatives.com is a secure site and requires browser cookies to login, purchase units and search, please make sure your browser cookies are enabled. How to check your Browser privacy settings

Please note if there is a period of more than 20 minutes of inactivity when you are logged in OR if you use other Internet browser windows, the system will automatically close the session for your own protection as this usually signifies that you have forgotten to log out.


Is the Familyrelatives.com website secure?
Familyrelatives.com is a secure website and the security of all our users is taken very seriously as well as every precaution to ensure that it is safe to use our website which is why we use the latest technology. In addition all Credit Card transactions are processed securely through Barclaycard Bank Merchant Services using Secure Socket Layers with 128 bit encryption without the intervention of any third party. The payment will be processed through a secure server at Barclays Bank Merchant Services.

You will notice that when you enter the payment pages the http (in your browser address bar) changes to https which means these pages are on secure servers.

To learn more about Barclaycard business services we have provided the following link: http://www.barclaycardbusiness.co.uk/about_us.html

On the Familyrelatives.com homepage you will see a Verisign secure symbol which means that the site can secure private information.


I am sent back to My Account when I select the Browse/Search menu items?
Create a Profile in My Account, "Add your Profile" in order to use and interact with the following pages Browse/Search Home Pages, Browse/Search Society, Browse/Search Profile, Browse/Search Photos, Search Research. How to create a Profile 

I am unable to add a comment to the records?
Create a Profile in My Account, "Add your Profile" in order to add comments to the records and to use any of the Messages, Add comments to the records and Summary features. These features are free to use. How to create a Profile 


How do I search the GRO BMD indexes?
Searching the BMD Indexes more>>

What information is on the BMD indexes?
Information on BMD indexes more>>

What is the Marriage Match TM?
Familyrelatives.com has introduced unique search features allowing faster searching of the databases. The Marriage match TM is a very useful feature which enables you to find the possible spouse in any marriage taking place between 1865-1920 without having to buy a certificate. After 1912 the entries do show the surname of the spouse, but not their first name. Marriage MatchTM performs a reverse search to find everyone married in the same District, on the same quarter and year and with the same page reference. This reduces the possible number of potential partners to 2 or 3 at the most.

Once you have found the marriage details of one person, clicking the icon next to their search result will find the potential partners listed on the same register page. There are usually only four names and one of those will be the wrong gender, leaving two possible partners. Providing either an extra piece of information to follow up or confirmation that you have located the correct couple.


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